Here is a summary of the game updates for this week!



May 05, 00:00 PST - May 26, 23:59 PST

[May 06, 01:00 PDT - May 27, 00:59 PDT]


The path to the Frontier Spire is opening once again…


Amidst the numerous blips on the monitors of the Akras Summoner Hall Survey Office, one energy signature stood out from the rest. Dubbed as the Frontier Spire, no one really knows when and how this towering structure came about.


Determined to find out the nature of the Spire, the Akras Summoner Hall has sent out requests for all willing and able Summoners to explore the Spire to uncover any mysteries within it. Your service will be duly rewarded!


May 13, 00:00 PST - May 26, 23:59 PST

[May 13, 01:00 PDT - May 27, 00:59 PDT]


Running short of materials for Omni+ Evolution? Earn more Omni+ Materials at the Omni Arcanum and Omni+ Boost your units!


Vortex Arena Season 7: Luminous Showdown
May 20, 00:00 PST - May 24, 23:59 PST
[May 20, 01:00 PDT - May 25, 00:59 PDT]


Strobes of light shine on the battlefield once again! Vortex Arena returns with Season 7: Luminous Showdown! Assemble your best Light-element units and blind your adversaries!


Frontier Hunter EX Season 86


Event Period:

May 26, 20:00 PST - May 31, 19:59 PST
[May 26, 21:00 PDT - May 31, 20:59 PDT]


Results Consolidation:

May 31, 20:00 PST - Jun. 07, 23:59 PST
[May 31, 21:00 PDT - Jun. 07, 00:59 PDT]


Reward Period:

Jun. 07, 00:00 PST - Jun. 23, 19:59 PST

[Jun. 07, 01:00 PDT - Jun. 23, 20:59 PDT]


Raise your rank at the Randall City Survey Office by taking on its Quest for the Frontier Hunter Season 86. Earn higher rewards as you climb up the ranks!


Colosseum Season 63

May 05, 00:00 PST - May 26, 23:59 PST

[May 05, 01:00 PDT - May 27, 00:59 PDT]


The Colosseum is a combat stadium where players can put their units to the test in a competitive battle against each other while earning Colosseum Battle Points (CBP) to exchange for items in Colosseum Rewards.



A new monthly refreshed Brave Bazaar will be opened from May 05. Tokens for the Bazaar will be available via Login Campaign. Be sure to login and trade for [Rex] Mystery frog to improve your squad.


For more information on the bazaar, check THIS out!



Bazaar Refresh

Summoners! We’re excited to announce that the Omni Arcanum Bazaar, Vortex Arena Bazaar, Raid Battle Bazaar and Exalted Bazaar will have their inventories refreshed on May 05, 00:00 PST [01:00 PDT]!



Please take note of the following resolved game issues and ongoing issues currently happening in the game. 


Kindly check the details HERE.



Brave Frontier Global Team