Here is a summary of the game updates for this week!


Is your steel ready for the fight ahead? The newest battle from the misty future has arrived in Grand Gaia! Battle Roy and see how far your skill will take you!


More details can be found HERE.


Event Duration: (5 Days)
Sep. 17, 00:00 PST - Sep. 21, 23:59 PST
[Sep. 17, 01:00 PDT - Sep. 22, 00:59 PDT]


Ready to rock the arena, Summoner? You should be because Vortex Arena Season 6: Terrestial Showdown is back! Prepare your Earth-element squad for some ground shaking action!


More details can be found HERE.


Event Period:

Sep. 16, 00:00 PST - Oct. 07, 23:59 PST

[Sep. 16, 01:00 PDT - Oct. 08, 00:59 PDT]


Determined to find out the nature of the Spire, the Akras Summoner Hall has sent out requests for all willing and able Summoners to explore the Spire to uncover any mysteries within it. Your service will be duly rewarded!



Your favorite girl and her pal who are always ready to lend you a hand just got an upgrade!


Check out Honoka & Hisa's details HERE.



New Dual Brave Burst updates are available for Ulagan x Kahiki!


Check out their DBB Details HERE.



Mariano has arrived in Grand Gaia! Utilize his skills in combat with his Dual Brave Burst partner, Teresa


Check out his Unit Details HERE.



Please take note of the following resolved game issues and ongoing issues currently happening in the game. 


Kindly check the details HERE.



Brave Frontier Global Team