Here is a summary of the game updates for this week!


Event Duration: (5 Days)

Aug. 22, 00:00 PST - Aug. 26, 23:59 PST
[Aug. 22, 01:00 PDT - Aug. 27, 00:59 PDT]


Ready your Earth-element squads as the grounds for the Vortex Arena: Terrestrial Showdown is about to open! Fight your way to the ranks and receive sweet rewards!


More details can be found HERE.



Shatter the heavens and earth with Ulagan and Fennia's newly released DBB!


Check out Ulagan & Fennia's Dual Brave Burst details HERE.


Aug. 21, 00:00 PST - Aug. 27, 23:59 PST
[Aug. 21, 01:00 PDT - Aug. 28, 00:59 PDT]


An anomaly has been detected in the Vortex, the Super Karma Dungeon 2x EXP is now available! Power level when you earn DOUBLE exp at HALF the energy cost in this limited time Vortex Dungeon.


Aug. 21, 00:00 PST - Aug. 27, 23:59 PST
[Aug. 21, 01:00 PDT - Aug. 28, 00:59 PDT]


Trailing behind in your Arena Ranks? Catch up to your friends by earning x4 Arena Battle Points and get those Arena Rank Rewards now! Acquire more Colosseum Rewards with x4 Colosseum Battle Points too!


[Bazaar Update]

Summoners! We’re excited to announce that the Raid Battle Bazaar and the Exalted Bazaar have had their inventory refreshed, so check them out now!



Please take note of the on-going investigation for the following bugs and other game issues.


Kindly check the details HERE.



Please take note of the following resolved game issues and ongoing issues currently happening in the game. 


Kindly check the details HERE.



Brave Frontier Global Team