Here is a summary of the game updates for this week!


Join the Brave Frontier Team as we launch the newest Global Exclusive Feature, DUAL BRAVE BURST! Unleash havoc in the battlefields of Raid Class, Frontier Rifts, Vortex Dungeons and even in the Grand Quest Missions!


Also, be sure to check out our [More Bonds More Rewards] Community Event to get even more spectacular prizes to get a headstart on the grand launch of DUAL BRAVE BURST!


Refresh on your DBB knowledge with our Dev Diary HERE.



Continue where you left off in the new episode of Grand Quest X5! Follow the story of N'an-Wang-Mu in Fates of the Fallen: Episode 8! Check out more details on our Facebook page or in-game news!


Tune in on Fates of the Fallen: Episode 8 HERE.


Colosseum Season 41
May 29, 00:00 PST - June 25, 23:59 PST
[May 29, 01:00 PDT - June 26, 00:59 PDT]

The Colosseum is a combat stadium where players can put their units to the test in a competitive battle against each other while earning Colosseum Battle Points (CBP) to exchange for items in Colosseum Rewards.


May 29, 04:00 PST - June 05, 21:59 PST

[May 29, 05:00 PDT - June 05, 22:59 PDT]


Attention Summoners!


An anomaly has been detected in the Vortex, Super Karma Dungeon 2x EXP is now available for a limited time! Don't miss this chance to train yourselves during this period Summoners!


May 30, 00:00 PST - Jun. 03, 23:59 PST
[May 30, 01:00 PDT - Jun. 04, 00:59 PDT]


Running short of materials for Omni+ Evolution? Earn more Omni+ Materials at the Omni Arcanum and Omni+ Boost your units!



Please take note of the on-going investigation for the following bugs and other game issues.


Kindly check the details HERE.



Please take note of the following resolved game issues and ongoing issues currently happening in the game. 


Kindly check the details HERE.




Brave Frontier Global Team